The newest Pokemon games will be released shortly. Since nearly 2 years now Pokemon fans all over the world have been waiting for a new game. Everybody is waiting for it, but not everybody is able to keep waiting. Luckily there is a way for these people to play the game earlier than anybody else. We have a Demo Version of the game which you can play until claiming the 2nd gym badge. With the Pokemon Ultra Sun Rom and Pokemon Ultra Moon Rom you can play the game today. You can download the Rom for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon easily on our website. After you have finished your download you can either transfer the Rom onto your Nintendo 3DS or run it with a 3DS Emulator.

We have worked hard to transfer the new Pokemon games into a Rom, but in the end it finally worked out. Because there are so many people who want to abuse our work we have protected both Roms with a Survey. The Survey is only for human verification, so you don’t have to worry. After you have completed it your download will start automatically and you can enjoy playing the game.


 Pokemon Ultra Sun Download

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 Pokemon Ultra Moon Download

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How to Download

  1. Click on the Download button above and start your download
  2. Complete a survey
  3. Finish your download
  4. Enjoy the game!


What is expecting you in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon? Well it is a totally different world this time compared to the one in Pokemon X and Y. So you will explore a lot of new areas. Beside better graphics you will also see some newly added functions to the battles. They are really interesting and are making the battles even better. Of course the plot remains the same like it has been from the very first Pokemon games. You are on the hunt on becoming the very best Pokemon trainer. To achieve this you have to capture all eight badges and beat the elite four. As always there is an evil organisation who take advantage of Pokemon and you have to destroy them. This time there are so many new Pokemon to catch. Try to catch them all and become the best Pokemon trainer the world has ever seen.

Like in the previous games Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Mega-Evolutions will still be a thing. When the connection between trainer and Pokemon is very strong the Pokemon might be able to make the Mega-Evolution happen. Of course not every Pokemon is capable to do so. Nintendo has chosen a few Pokemon which can do it. You will easily find a list of these Pokemon online, so go ahead and search for them if you are interesting of knowing.

The online multiplayer of these games is really having it this time. You can clearly see that Nintendo focused on improving it and they have done a very good job to be honest. It is now way easier to play with your friends, also a few new game modes have been added. You will now be able to play with 5 other persons at the same time. It’s a 3 vs 3 fight and they are breathtaking. Also there is a direct link to Pokemon Go in these games, see what it is by yourself, to say the least: You will be surprised!

So what is the best Pokemon party you can possibly have in the Pokemon Ultra Sun Rom and Pokemon Ultra Moon Rom? Well of course it has to include your starter Pokemon. These Pokemon belong to the best of the game and you should use it without a doubt. And for the rest you should make sure to have a mix of types. At the end for every type there is you need to have a Pokemon which is very effective against it. If you have you can always switch your Pokemon around and your opponent won’t stand a change. What about legendaries? This really depends on the legendary Pokemon. Sometimes they are overrated but other times they’ll help you out a lot. At the end though you can only become better by making your own experiences. So start the game and keep on playing.